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GiffGaff Scam!

Started by: faisaldarr96
On: 08/07/2012 | 12:27
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by: faisaldarr96
on: 08/07/2012 | 12:27
Basically you don't actually get how many minutes you get in a goodybag since for anything under 1 minute of call time it is used as 1 minute instead of being counted in seconds. For example if you ring someone and it goes to answer machine it'll charge you a minute. Why isn't it counted in seconds of call time and for how much you actually use? I never usually use 250 minutes but on giff gaff it finishes within 2 weeks!
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by: hhaarrryyyy2020
on: 08/07/2012 | 12:28
Most networks run like this im afraid:-(
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by: razzmataz1478
on: 08/07/2012 | 12:28
No network counts in seconds. I don't see the reason to complain?
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by: martynxxx
on: 08/07/2012 | 12:29
Have a look on the t. C
Most networks do this as well
Can't see the scam ....
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by: ilambert
on: 08/07/2012 | 12:29
It's still cheap.. chill
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by: kenya
on: 08/07/2012 | 12:30
Every network charges you in the same way, its always in minutes not in seconds..
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by: boodybear
on: 08/07/2012 | 12:31

most networks run like this, look at the giffgaff t&c for more info x

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by: faisaldarr96
on: 08/07/2012 | 12:31
When I was with O2 they did it in seconds? Well since I'm using probably 100 minutes out of a supposed 250 I have a right to complain...
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by: maheed
on: 08/07/2012 | 12:32
I'm afraid you will have to live with it like the rest of us.
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