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Giffgaff 4g

Started by: keyser_soze
On: 11/09/2012 | 17:14
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by: hotsteel
on: 11/09/2012 | 20:27
You will have long wait
Get a free giffgaff Simhere sat in front of my aging laptop
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by: mirfan
on: 11/09/2012 | 20:31
When o2 rolls it out, and if giffgaff will offer it nobody knows for sure.
That is known is that the only way to get it nwo is through EE if you are within the coverage area.
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by: pac_man2012
on: 12/09/2012 | 20:07
I don't think o2 will even get 4G until next year due to EE getting it first.
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by: foxymac2020
on: 12/09/2012 | 20:09
Wuld say its up to 02 just hav to wait and c
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