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Giffgaff Iphone 4 sim to giffgaff Iphone 5S sim.

Started by: ikailja
On: 07/01/2014 | 13:03
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by: ikailja
on: 07/01/2014 | 13:03

Hi, I have a giffgaff number on my Iphone 4. Few days ago I bought Iphone5S so its different sim card there,and I would like to keep my number and credit with goodybag on that possible? I couldnt find any information about tranfering number from giffgaff to giffgaff with different sim cards.

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by: phil_72
on: 07/01/2014 | 13:04
Transfering details from one SIM to another can be performed by using the SIM swap facility. See here -
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by: mattdiver
on: 07/01/2014 | 13:04

Hi there,


just order a NANO SIM from your my giffgaff page and do a SIM swap, here's how

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by: premierphotosuk
on: 07/01/2014 | 13:04

Hi, giffgaff now do Namo sims, so please go here to order one.
Order a Hybrid/micro/standard or a NANO sim Click HERE


To perform a sim swap use this link below

Click here and log in

Put the 6 digit code in on the main card ( HMHJUT) from your new sim, not the serial no.
On the next page it'll show the 6 didgit activation codes for both sims and sim serial numbers of your current and new sim cards

Click where it says."Yes I want to replace my SIM"
(mobile browsers don't forget to scroll down to see)

On the next page click "yes I'm sure"

Your new sim will hopefully be active within 30 minutes to an hour
And then your old sim will be disabled.
Furthermore you get to keep your number and credits.The only issue with this is that once you report your sim lost or stolen, your account is blocked until you activate your replacement sim.  you would be sent out a replacemet sim which will get you back up and runninng but this way a sim swap will not work.




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by: antonio75
on: 07/01/2014 | 13:06
Follow the sim swap guide... there is also a youtube video to help you if you wish
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by: bengalknights
on: 07/01/2014 | 13:10
To Order a replacment sim see

To do a sim swap which will swap your sims over -
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by: bigdaveuk
on: 07/01/2014 | 13:10
faster way to do it is to go into any phone shops in town and ask them to cut it for you to fit your 5s, they will use cutters for the 2 minute job and this is how i did mine and was charged so little £3 and was back up and running in 10 minutes, job done or theres the long way round doing a sim swop,
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