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Giffgaff Network is Down!

Started by: deelark
On: 17/05/2011 | 13:30
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by: deelark
on: 17/05/2011 | 13:30

I can't text anyone or phone anyone.  It seems that the Giffgaff network is down.  Me and my husand and son have giffgaff and my friend and they are all having trouble getting a signal to fone anyone or to text.  We cannot even phone emmergency services if we wanted to!  It has been like this now for 2hours today! What is going on Giffgaff?  Can anyone help?  Does anyone else have this problem or know what is going on?

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by: richy99
on: 17/05/2011 | 13:30

have you checked the status pages? are you in the sw of the country? there are loads of threads  abotu it

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by: giffgafful
on: 17/05/2011 | 13:32

Check for network probs in your area:


I believe there has also been equipment theft at an O2 location that may affect you. Have a look if you are in the affected area.

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by: amandaw
on: 17/05/2011 | 13:36
Is there official problems guys?
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by: deelark
on: 17/05/2011 | 13:38

Yes apparently there is an 02 problem.  Some work is going on in the London area.

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by: durhamfella
on: 17/05/2011 | 13:41
Its not a giffgaff or o2 fault as they had equitment stolen during the night as to how long god knows but it had made the local news
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by: durhamfella
on: 17/05/2011 | 13:43
There is already loads of posts about this. Another duplacate post. Lol
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