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Giffgaff won't let me make calls

Giffgaff won't let me make calls but I have enough goody bag left until 12 th march
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Re: Giffgaff won't let me make calls

Hi Afshanta, and welcome to the giffgaff community,

Try the following steps

Check to see if there are any issues or outages with the nework signal where you are:

If network signal is fine you can try manual roam to see if that helps

if you have an iphone try turning airplane mode on and then off.

If you still having issues turn your handset off and back on.
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Re: Giffgaff won't let me make calls

Hi, please check to see if there are any outages in the mobile network,

Go here to the Service Checker and Mast Maintenance site, here you can check if your service in your area and if your mast is having trouble in your area, see here
and as It maybe also worth trying a restart of your phone.


If the above is fine with the signal in your area then you should try manual roam for a link to this guide click here


happy giffgaffing.

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Re: Giffgaff won't let me make calls


check your area status here:
for text/calls/data problems see here :

Dial *100#    (Airtime credit balance)
Dial *100*7#  (Goodybag minutes balance)

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Re: Giffgaff won't let me make calls

Dial *100*7# for details of your goodybag minutes - what does it say?

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Re: Giffgaff won't let me make calls

I have tried airplane mode on and off still not working and have switched handset of n on stil not Wrking
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Re: Giffgaff won't let me make calls

check for local issues at
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Re: Giffgaff won't let me make calls

Hi. I'm not sure how you will have a goodybag left until 12th march as they last for one month and even if you got the bag today it would only be valid until the 6th of march. I will, therefore, assume you mean your bag is valid until the 12th of feb.  Please correct me if that assumption is wrong.


I also noticed that you registered today - so so i'm guessing you only just activated the sim. Please remember it can take up to 24 hours for the sim activation to be completed. In the meantime turn your phone off and on periodically during that time to see if it connects.


If your sim is activated, try the following:


First, check your bag is acxtually active: Dial *100*7# to check your goodybag minutes.


Next, check the signal status in your area to see if there are any known local issues, such as damage to a mast or maintenance being carried out. Remember, the status checker is only updated hourly, so recent faults may not yet show up – so check back after a while, just in case. Enter your postcode in the following page :

If there is nothing reported there you can attempt a manual roam to refresh your connection.


and, of course, you can always try rebooting your phone as this often solves a multitude of problems.


Finally, check you have not tried calling a number not covered by goodybag minutes. The following are not covered and all require airtime credit to call:



Picture messages (MMS) to giffgaff and other mobiles (max 300KB)

16p per MMS

Video calls to other mobiles

50p per minute

Call forwarding to other mobiles and landlines

10p per minute


Premium calls (charged per call or per minute)

50p to £2.50 per minute

Premium texts

10p to £1.5 per text

Directory Enquiries starting 118
Calls to 118402 (charged £1 per minute).
More information on £4 charges click here
All others charged at £2.

£2 to £4 per minute

Special Services

20p per minute

Corporate numbers

20p per minute

Numbers starting 0870, 0871, 0872, 0873

12p per minute

Numbers starting 0843, 0844, 0845, 081, 089

12p per minute

Personal numbers

50p per minute

Non mobile 07 numbers, for detailed listing click here

20p per minute
20p per text

Numbers starting 056

8p per minute


40p per minute

Twitter and Facebook text update


Emergency Call


NHS 111 Service


Non emergency police number (101 and 123)

15p per call


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Re: Giffgaff won't let me make calls

Hi do you mean your free giffgaff allowances end on 12 th march or a goodybag ends on 12th march ?
If you mean a goodybag ends on that date it wouldn't start until 13 th February in a weeks time so isn't usable until then

If you've run out of minutes on a live goodybag you'll need to add airtime credit for now
Log into here
And click top up your number

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Re: Giffgaff won't let me make calls

also remember 084/087 numbers are not included in a goodybag

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