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Goodbag not working where can i contact an agent?!

Started by: eveyg
On: 03/03/2017 | 09:31
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by: eveyg
on: 03/03/2017 | 09:31

I have just paid £20 for unlimited data... its not working on my phone and i cant find anywhere to contact an agent on here, literally couldnt be harder to get help!

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by: farnis
on: 03/03/2017 | 09:33
You don't need an agent. Explain a little more and the community will find a solution to your problem.
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by: topcop
on: 03/03/2017 | 09:34
To ask an agent click here.

They will be able to assist
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by: sloz
on: 03/03/2017 | 09:37 edited: 03/03/2017 | 09:53

Hi. Can you see the goodybag live here

Is it just data that doesn't work or Ate you unabke to call and text none giffgaff numbers?

Which phone do you have? Do you see a connection symbol (3G, 4G, H, E or)
Can you connect to giffgaff pages?

What do these codes show exactly
(Also mention any expiry dates)

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by: eveyg
on: 03/03/2017 | 09:50
Thanks guys, have sorted now. Will save the agent link Smiley Happy
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by: sloz
on: 03/03/2017 | 09:52
Hi. What was the problem and hiw did you set it?
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