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Goody bag

Started by: darkus71
On: 08/02/2018 | 10:13
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by: darkus71
on: 08/02/2018 | 10:13

I have been trying to buy a goodybag since last night it says only can top up come back later whats going on sick of this now

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by: johncashman
on: 08/02/2018 | 10:15
Hi there @darkus71,

It could potentially be an issue with GiffGfaff’s systems. In case it’s already been resolved, it would be worth clearing your cache/trying a different browser b fire you try purchasing a Goodybag again.

Hope this helps.
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by: darkus71
on: 08/02/2018 | 10:41
Tried that didnt work
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by: eddiehk6
on: 08/02/2018 | 10:50
hi @darkus71

Please check your dashboard:

Do you already have a goodybag under 'Active', and a queued goodybag under 'Next'?

If so, then you can't buy another goodybag, and can only add separate 'credit', hence the message

Also *100*7# for your goodybag balance and mention any expiry dates here.

If you already have a goodybag, can you actually use it? Do calls / texts / data work?

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by: lynda1962
on: 08/02/2018 | 10:52

@darkus71, hi there,  top up airtime credit then buy your goodybag from it 👇        


1. Select goodybags,
2. Select the goodybag required,
3. Select" I only need a goodybag "
4. Select if you want it to recur (tick ✅ the box, if not miss this step),
5. Select Continue,
6. Select Airtime credit.


Or contact an agent they will help you 👇
Agents can take upto 24 hours to reply but are normally quite quick



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