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Goody bags

Started by: markdare
On: 14/01/2015 | 15:50
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by: markdare
on: 14/01/2015 | 15:50
Hi guys, how do I stop goody bags recurring?
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by: acetech
on: 14/01/2015 | 15:51
If you have set your goodybag to recur you can change this on your account payment details page:

Just click 'Change' next to 'recur your goodybag' and edit to what you want.

All the best!
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by: markdare
on: 14/01/2015 | 15:54
All sorted! Nice one Smiley Happy
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by: choon
on: 14/01/2015 | 15:55
Go to your payment settings here: and click change next to recur your goodybag and untick the box that says Recur your selected goodybag and then click save recurring settings.
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by: gigggaffer
on: 14/01/2015 | 15:58
Look under 'my giffgaff'
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