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Goodybag help needed

Started by: tuddin69
On: 12/08/2016 | 22:19
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by: tuddin69
on: 12/08/2016 | 22:19
I changed my goody bag from 12 pounds to 20 pounds and have brought it forward as I have no internet in new home plus ran out of data. However my unlimited data hasn't come through and I can't access anything please help.
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by: topcop
on: 12/08/2016 | 22:20
When did you change it and bring it forward. It may not kick in until in the morning.
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by: mcilwraith
on: 12/08/2016 | 22:20

try restarting your phone if the goodybag is showing as live

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by: catmad2015
on: 12/08/2016 | 22:21
Try airplane mode on switch bk norm mode could kick the settings for your phone.... Check morrow...
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