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Google Nexus 4 APN Settings

Started by: caterneil
On: 17/12/2012 | 10:19
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by: caterneil
on: 17/12/2012 | 10:19
There is a lot of contradictory advice on APN settings for the Nexus 4. I've tried five different versions using manual entry or via the recommended settings from the apps.

The media messaging didn't work with the standard Android settings at all.

The one that I have working is the

I know giffgaff runs on the o2 network, but I expected something similar to the standard Android settings.

What settings are other Nexus 4 owners using?
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by: mathew40
on: 17/12/2012 | 10:20
Get the giffgaff apn app.thanks
Get a free giffgaff Sim
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by: rooneygmusic
on: 17/12/2012 | 10:22

Try these here,


Go to > Settings >
> Wireless + Networks > Mobile Networks >
> Access Point Names > Tap the Menu key >
> Select 'New APN'

Enter the following;
Name: giffgaff
Username: giffgaff
Password: password
Server: sometimes not needed
MMS proxy:
MMS port: 8080
MCC: 234
MNC: 10

And then 'Save'.

Turn on off airplane mode thats it !
See pic for snap shot :

Use the Back key and tick 'USE PACKET DATA'.
(Please make sure to enable packet data )
Go back to the home screen. Then Reboot your phone.

Please Note: that MMS is not included in any goodybags: they cost 16p,

For Android 4.0, 4.1 & 4.2 Jelly Bean & ICS Internet and MMS Settings,
These settings are subtly different to the ones for previous versions of Android.

Go to Settings.
Choose More Settings.
Choose Mobile networks.
Choose Access Point Names.

Press the Menu button on your phone and choose New APN.
Tap Name and type giffgaff, then tap OK.
Tap APN and type then tap OK.
Tap MMSC and type
Tap MMS proxy and type
Tap MMS port and type 8080
Now press the Menu button on your phone again, and choose Save.

Tap the little circle to the right of the profile named giffgaff on the list. It should turn green.
Your phone is now set up for giffgaff's internet and MMS settings.

Here is the shortlink to this guide:
Internet and MMS settings for Samsung Galaxy S3 (Also for Galaxy s2 on icecream sandwich)
Or download and run the Tweakker ICS APN Beta app from Google play using wifi.

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by: shahin7877
on: 17/12/2012 | 10:23

download the gg app

shahin7877 full site banner

Please give me a kudos if i helped. Appreciated.
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by: caterneil
on: 17/12/2012 | 10:23
The app didn't work. Neither the giffgaff APN nor tweaker app.
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by: bigdave2010
on: 17/12/2012 | 10:29

see this guide for help with setup mate 

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by: jambow
on: 19/12/2012 | 17:26 edited: 19/12/2012 | 17:29

With these settings on a Nexus 4 this is what i receive every time i am sent an mms, sending one doesn't work either. Have asked an agent multiple times and they say they don't troubleshoot handsets and then we just keep going round in circles, I'm told to ask the community which didnt work ( ) 


I've had this same problem with an iPhone4 S3 and now Nexus 4 and i have no idea who to turn to, even phoned up O2!


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by: bunter1815
on: 30/12/2012 | 08:25



Your settings for Android 4.2 work perfectly on my Nexus 4 for picture messaging.





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by: darksideby182
on: 12/01/2013 | 14:15

Works for me cheers. 

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