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Google Nexus 4 & microSIM?

Started by: singh400
On: 30/10/2012 | 17:48
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by: singh400
on: 30/10/2012 | 17:48

Hi all,


I plan on getting the new Google Nexus 4 when it released in two weeks time.


However it is microSIM only. And I currently have a normal-sized SIM in my HTC Desire.


Do I need to cut it myself or will GiffGaff send me a new microSIM? (keeping my existing account details!).




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by: endorphin
on: 30/10/2012 | 17:49
Report your SIM as lost / stolen and you will get a replacement SIM (this will be hybrid SIM which is a normal sized SIM that can be popped out to microSIM format). Further you will keep your number and credits.

Note that for security your current SIM will be immediately disabled and replacement SIMS are barred on delivery as a security measure. You will need to ask an agent to lift the bar but this does not require a further topup to do.

Or you can have your current SIM cut down to microSIM format in a phone shop for a small fee, or DIY with a SIM cutter from Amazon/Ebay or a pair of scissors
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by: mary222
on: 30/10/2012 | 17:49
you can cut it and u can order a replacement sim from here you`ll get a dual sim with pop out micro sim

free sim with £5 credit from image belowSmiley Happy

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by: allan1954
on: 30/10/2012 | 17:51
Normal sim cut to micro size mobile repair shop £1.
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by: im_mandi
on: 30/10/2012 | 17:51
if you get a replacement sim you will have no phone for a week.
better to have your sim cut at a shop
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by: mamunurrahman
on: 30/10/2012 | 17:53

Just take it to a local phone shop and ask them to cut it for you... it will most like cost you a couple of quid... or pop into CPW and ask them nicely...

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by: gaffout
on: 30/10/2012 | 17:53
You have 2 options..

1) Take your current SIM to local phone shop to have it cut into a micro SIM. Have it done professionally. 
This is your quickest and easiest option. It should cost you no more than £2/3. It's 100% effective and takes seconds.

I have attached a video to show you exactly how the sim is cut into a micro sim below, have a peek :-)

2) if you don't fancy that you can Report the sim: lost/stolen/damaged. 

Please note, once you have reported your sim any of the above it is IMMEDIATELY barred. You will have to wait for your new sim to arrive in the post which is usually within 5 working days.

Any credit/goody bags you had on your old sim will be transferred so no need to worry there.

ALSO... All sims ordered are now 'hybrid' sims (micro sims)

Follow this link to proceed:

Good luck :-) 
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by: nerakb
on: 30/10/2012 | 17:55

You could cut it down yourself.Or take it to your local phone unlocking shop and they'll cut it down to size for you for a few quid.


You could report it lost/stolen but you'd lose service until you'd received and activated your new dual sim-normal size but with a pop out microsim.

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by: mezsen
on: 30/10/2012 | 17:56
I cut down my sim myself - did nt want to wait a week for replacement. its pretty easy

Here the template if you want to DIY

Good luckSmiley Happy

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by: singh400
on: 30/10/2012 | 17:58

Thanks all, I think I'll either end up cutting it myself or taking it to a shop and get them to do it.


Too bad about the five-day wait and GiffGaff disabling the current SIM Smiley Sad

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