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Hauwe E172 dongle setup

Started by: rolandtokai
On: 08/12/2011 | 01:41
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by: rolandtokai
on: 08/12/2011 | 01:41

 Hey. I just try to make setting to my hauwei e172 dongle to setup APN. the problem is my dongle is it from vodafon.

i try it alredy diferent configuration but is stil not working

my dongle ime 3581022599053 i got the new code when i did unlockit. Just i didnt se any notification when it be put the new code. 

The vodafone dongle it was see is pluged on o2 sim just did not conected for that. I thing is setting problem can be. But dont know what setting to be use. they need me.; 


User ID:




        Please. Help me. Thanks

Roland tokai
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by: supermuslim
on: 08/12/2011 | 01:43 edited: 08/12/2011 | 01:45

You require these settings:

ID: giffgaff
Password: password


Dongle settings:

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by: stephenmiller
on: 08/12/2011 | 01:46

I haven't set one up personally but this might help, the DNS name is dynamite apparently

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