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Haven't received payback yet...

Started by: peaceful_warrior
On: 12/10/2016 | 20:32
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by: peaceful_warrior
on: 12/10/2016 | 20:32
Hi forum giffgaff,

About a month ago ordered a sim card for my fiancee... she's been using it...

But i haven't received the 5 quids payback, nor her...

I remember to order it through my page on giffgaff...

I ask the forum if I will receive it, and if so, when would I receive the payback? Would I have to do something else to get it, or did I lost it?

Thanks forum
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by: rashad198
on: 12/10/2016 | 20:40
You will receive it in December
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by: joannecrocker
on: 12/10/2016 | 21:14
Hi, payback is paid twice a year in June and December. If you go to your dashboard you will be able to see how much payback you are due. This is update at the start of each month. The link to your dashboard is:
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