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Having Second Thoughts

Started by: grahamf49
On: 15/09/2016 | 14:41
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by: grahamf49
on: 15/09/2016 | 14:41 edited: 15/09/2016 | 14:42

Having just received my Sim Card I decided to look a bit more closely at the phone I was planning to buy from G/G (Samsung S7).  Seeing some quite negative reviews, in particular, mentioning poor support from G/G, it made me look a bit more carefully into taking it any further.

Perhaps I hadn't really thought about this but if "the mobile network run by you" means there is no actual suport from GG itself then I shall change my mind about going forward.

Would anyone from GG like to reassure me about that?

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by: ripechancewoods
on: 15/09/2016 | 14:44

Giffgaff like other networks do have community support and if you need account check, a giffgaff agent can check it for you via email.

Yes, theres no phone number to call giffgaff, however everything is simple when you get in touch for any problems, giffgaff does their best to resolve it as they have agents equipped to handle every query.
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by: mcilwraith
on: 15/09/2016 | 14:45

@grahamf49 what exactly do you mean by support

you have made 2 posts so quick has the response been?


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by: nigelbrooks
on: 15/09/2016 | 14:47



I really wouldn't worry.


Samsung fully support the warranty on all phones sold by authorised resellers like giffgaff for a full 24 months.


Their telephone support is excellent and they also operate a network of walk-in diagnostic and repair centres where the majority of warranty repairs are completed while you wait.


giffgaff post sales supprt is not the best but given Samsung's commitment to their products you can buy with confidence.

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by: grahamf49
on: 15/09/2016 | 14:50

I agree that the response in the community has been very quick.  But the community can't help if, for example, there is a hardware problem with the phone.  And I saw some negative comments about that in the reviews of the Samsung.  I mean, the phone was faulty and GG didn't respond.  Of course, with a public forum, those messages could have been posted by someone working for a rival company.  However, buying a new phone is a major item and it's a bit scary having no support directly from the retailer.

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by: nigelbrooks
on: 15/09/2016 | 14:51



Think our replies may have crossed.

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I donate 100% of my SIM activation payback to charity, please help me boost the donation
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by: grahamf49
on: 15/09/2016 | 14:53
Yes, thanks for that Nigel
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by: mcilwraith
on: 15/09/2016 | 14:55 edited: 15/09/2016 | 14:58

@grahamf49 i see what you mean.

ive had 3 phones from here with no problems so i cant really comment on returns or repairs support


oops i tell a little fib there i went straight to lg with a warranty problem and was sorted out quickly and efficiently by them

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