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Started by: tahminaa123
On: 31/03/2016 | 00:30
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by: tahminaa123
on: 31/03/2016 | 00:30

I started a GiffGaff Goodybag yesterday and it is now active on my sim, however, I discovered that my phone is locked and my new GiffGaff sim does not work on it, I have paid for my phone to be unlocked, however, this will take up to 20 working days, I wanted to know how I can delay this months Goodybag as I am not going to be able to use it, therefore I am paying for nothing. Help please?

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by: shash88
on: 31/03/2016 | 00:31
You can't . put your sim in any unlocked phone.
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by: oliver1988
on: 31/03/2016 | 00:35



Hello mate,


try asking an agent to see if they will refund the goodybag. If you explain the situation they should do so.


Good luck!

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by: bugzbunny
on: 31/03/2016 | 00:36
Hi @tahminaa123

giffgaff gives you up to 14 days to try the service. You can cancel it and then re-activate a new account. For more information please check out this link

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by: sloz
on: 31/03/2016 | 00:36
As you're a new customer an agent will certainly be accommodating

Log into here ( short url Http:// )

In the further information box explain that you activated your sim by buying a goodybag
But realised your phones locked and will take 3 weeks to unlock

Ask if they can remove the goodybsg
And apply the money spent back as airtime credit
So you can convert to a goodybsg When you're ready to use the sim
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by: mickythemoocher
on: 31/03/2016 | 00:37 edited: 31/03/2016 | 00:38

Hi @tahminaa123


Strictly speaking giffgaff do not refund any purchases since it is our responsibility to make sure our phone is useable on the network.


However since you won't have used any of your minutes, text allowance or data, a giffgaff agent might refund your goodybag and cancel it as a goodwill gesture (or under the 14 days cooling off period that you have according to distance selling law) if you contact them and ask.


Use this link to contact an agent and explain the situation to them:​dybag

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by: deanwilliam39
on: 31/03/2016 | 01:14
Why is it going to take 20 days for your phone to be unlocked? When I've had a phone unlocked its done the same day.
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by: danipun
on: 31/03/2016 | 02:00

Hi, i once bought two goodybags atthe same time due to mistake so i was in similar situation like yours but i sent email to agent explaining my condition. I got reply from agent saying the amount has been refunded. 

Send email to agent and explain your condition they woll refund you back, like they did to me.

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by: neelo7
on: 31/03/2016 | 02:07

Ask An Agent:
The agents will get back to you within 24 hours.
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by: frpc
on: 31/03/2016 | 03:48
You could get your phone unlocked while you wait at your local phoneshop for a fee.

Alternately contact the Agent who will be sympathetic to your predicament and will refund unused payment.

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