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Help with minutes missing from my goodybag

Started by: dice555
On: 24/11/2013 | 17:31
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by: dice555
on: 24/11/2013 | 17:40
Ok I'll give the agent a little longer time to reply
Thanks :-)
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by: endorphin
on: 24/11/2013 | 17:41
You will need to wait to see what the agents reply says, they can take up to 24 hours to reply though.
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by: dice555
on: 24/11/2013 | 17:41
Hi mate
No I don't ring any other giffgaff numbers of my phone. :-)
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by: dice555
on: 24/11/2013 | 17:45
Yeah I'll wait and see what the agent says then it's been nearly 23 hours but I'll wait a bit longer and see what they say
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by: andyhubbert
on: 24/11/2013 | 17:54
Contact the agents again if necessary they're the only people who can shed light on your usage
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by: w69d
on: 24/11/2013 | 17:54
Hi dice ,
As it's been nearly 24 hours I was wondering if you have already found where the replies are , as sometimes it's not to clear finding them

Once you have login to you dashboard page ,click on help ~ self service ~ agents messages

Or you can just click on the direct link here
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by: addykiller123
on: 24/11/2013 | 18:35
after 60 min they are no longer free and mins.
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by: dice555
on: 25/11/2013 | 19:38
Yes you were right
Thanks very much for dissing out where my response was great answer and help
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by: dice555
on: 25/11/2013 | 19:39
Yes you were right thanks for dissing it out and thanks for your help :-)
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