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How can i change standard sim card to Nano card without change the number

Started by: ouhaoxi
On: 16/09/2013 | 23:26
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by: ouhaoxi
on: 16/09/2013 | 23:26

I am using a  standard SIM card and I want to buy an iphone 5, how can i change to a Nano card without change the number


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by: giffygaffy98
on: 16/09/2013 | 23:29
You'll need to perform a Sim swap
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by: andyhubbert
on: 16/09/2013 | 23:30
You can perform a sim swap as detailed here:

Or you can have your sim cut at a local shop or by mail service
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by: abihussain
on: 16/09/2013 | 23:31
You will need to do a sim swap.
Members can do a sim swap to transfer their number, account details, goodybag or credit etc from one sim to another.

Order a new Nano Sim from your Spread Giffgaff page or if you have a spare sim, do a sim swap. All Giffgaff sims are now dual and hybrid sims that contain a micro sim which pops out.
Once the sim swap is complete; your mobile number, account details, goodybag or credit will be transferred over to the new sim.

Here is the method to perform a SIM Swap.:

1.Back-up all your contacts and texts saved on your SIM to your phone memory, as these data cannot be transfered through SIM Swap.

2.Log out of your giffgaff account, and click "Activate SIM" on the home page.

3.Enter the Activation code of the New SIM card.

4.When on the account registration page, instead of registering, log in with the link in the "already registered?" section.

This is where SIM Swap starts. It will confirm that you want to swap SIMs. (You need to double check the serial numbers, just in case.)

5. After choosing "Yes" each time you are asked, your old SIM will be deactivated, and you will lose signal.

6. Put the new SIM in your phone, and it takes around to 10 minutes for the SIM to become active.

The best thing is to leave the phone turned off with the new SIM in for 10 minutes, then turn it on and off until you get signal.
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by: mahmood_01
on: 16/09/2013 | 23:36
sim swap then you will change your normal sim into a nano one
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by: dalan
on: 16/09/2013 | 23:38
See here

You can order a new sim from
your spread giffgaff link on your giffgaff dashboard, or If you have a spare sim at home,

If you need a sim urgently, some members will deliver, or you could pick one up locally. Click the link below.

You can now activate a new sim if you loose one or it is damaged, or you need a micro or nano sim, by doing a sim swap.

Log out of gg, then click activate a sim, enter the 6 digit code,
then select i have a gg account, then click sim swap. All your account details, credit and goodybags and number will be swapped to the new sim.

Please note, that sim swaps stop between 10 pm and around 6am.

Note, there is no need to top up a sim swapped sim.
You can also see a youtube video here.

Or you can have your current SIM cut down to microSIM format in a phone shop for a small fee, or DIY with a SIM cutter from Amazon/Ebay or a pair of scissors

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by: robertsy69a
on: 17/09/2013 | 01:14
so a sim swap and giffgaff will send you 1 out with your number on
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by: kainnero
on: 17/09/2013 | 01:22
order a nano sim from giffgaff and activate it with the same details as your current sim and it will ask you if you want to transfer your details to the new sim
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by: beta321
on: 17/09/2013 | 06:24
Go for a SIM swap mate.

Just refer to the below link for detailed know how for SIM swap-
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