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How do I enable personal hotspot on iPhone 4

Started by: tahmid007
On: 25/05/2013 | 03:59
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by: tahmid007
on: 25/05/2013 | 03:59
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by: ethanball
on: 25/05/2013 | 04:01
you need to jailbreak your iPhone since apple doesn't recognise giffgaff as an official network carrier.
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by: tahmid007
on: 25/05/2013 | 04:02
Can I not stick an O2 sim in and set it up then a Giffgaff one
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by: harrybee
on: 25/05/2013 | 04:05
No, once you put the giffgaff sim back in the hotspot app won't be enabled.
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by: ethanball
on: 25/05/2013 | 04:06
just don't think it can be done but you can try.
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by: gammysuzy
on: 25/05/2013 | 04:09

Apple don't recognise giffgaff as an official network and therefore won't let giffgaff or you tether from their products.

The only way to do so is to jailbreak your device.
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by: iamjohnmcmanus
on: 25/05/2013 | 04:16

Unless your iPhone is jailbroken you unfortunately won't be able to set up a personal hotspot on your device. The reason for this is Apple does not recognise giffgaff as a mobile network and so unless your iPhone is jailbroken it's the only method available.


Please also note that any goodybags other than the £7.50 and £10 goodybag is prohibited as this is classed as tethering which is strictly against giffgaff's terms of service.

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by: f4ntasia
on: 25/05/2013 | 04:41
Jailbreak the phone and then go onto Cydia. Search for TetherME and install it. This will enable the Personal Hotspot option as if it were normal.
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by: leemg3
on: 25/05/2013 | 06:11
Jailbreak it. Its really easy to do
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by: craig_w
on: 25/05/2013 | 07:03
As people have said jailbreak but if you use to much data they stop your account and might even ban you! Not really worth it dude
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