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How do I get Internet settings on my blackberry

Started by: elainedundon1
On: 17/06/2012 | 20:44
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by: elainedundon1
on: 17/06/2012 | 20:44
Internet settings on my blackberry
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by: autodriveuk
on: 17/06/2012 | 20:45

Guide to Blackberry's....

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by: badgerhud
on: 17/06/2012 | 20:45

In order to receive all Blackberry services (BB Messenger , BB Browser, BB Mail & MMS) you NEED to purchase the BB Add-on costing £3 AT THE SAME TIME AS A GOODYBAG.

To giffgaff your Blackberry (WITH bbm add on), click this link...

However, you can still access internet WITHOUT the Add-on, please see this link
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by: anees_mahmood
on: 17/06/2012 | 20:48
Welcome to Giffgaff. See this guide on how to giffgaff a blackberry:

See this guide if you do not have the blackberry add-on:

You need to buy the blackberry add-on, costing £3 and this gives you blackberry messenger and internet services. This must be bought at the same time as buying your goodybag. So, if you have not bought a goodybag then you can buy the add-on when you buy a goodybag.

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