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How do I send settings to my phone? I can't get the o2 phone to recognise the gg Internet

Started by: marianneallsop
On: 20/10/2011 | 22:46
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by: heathercharters
on: 20/10/2011 | 22:47

What phone is it? Texting SETTINGS to 2020 might work

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by: ijocky
on: 20/10/2011 | 22:48




Texting 2020 does not work for iphones.  You have to manually change the settings on your iphone to use internet & MMS.  For giffgaff settings Press SETTINGS, then GENERAL, then NETWORK, then CELLULAR/MOBILE DATA NETWORK and enter the following settings:-





Cellular Data






Visual Voicemail(just leave as is)








MMS Proxy193.113.200.195:8080

Max message size307200

MMS UA Prof URL(just leave blank)




Once settings have been input you may have to turn your iphone off and on again.


Also I assume you know that the voicemail button on an iphone will not work with giffgaff, just dial 443 for voicemail.


Do not press the restore settings button once settings are input.




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by: morvin
on: 20/10/2011 | 22:48
Is it an Iphone?
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by: nohope
on: 20/10/2011 | 22:49

If its just a nomal phone nothing fancy text: settings 2020

If its an android phone
or downoad GiffgaffAPN from android market

And if its an iphone:

And if its a blackberry


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by: 1992chris
on: 20/10/2011 | 22:50
andriod market for the apn app
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by: marianneallsop
on: 20/10/2011 | 22:54
It's a nokia c3 I have done that already, it's says there was a problem sending the settings to my phone and to go to step by step guide ???
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by: djbonner07
on: 20/10/2011 | 22:54

Text "settings to "2020"/ Might not work 2020 so please type it manually thanks
Also Send MMS via SMS/Text To 1010 For The MMS Settings

BASIC SETTINGS Guide,  Click/Read This Link > : - Definitive APN Settings.

Manual Guide: Here are the basic APN Settings. Which "should" work on all phones.

Try these settings >  Go to internet settings on your phone/Connectivity from the menu and create a new apn and enter >

Connection Name: giffgaff - GPRS
APN - Access Point Name:
Proxy Server Address:
Proxy Port: 8080
Login - Username: giffgaff
Password: password


Then Power off/on your phone               


                                                                         "Guides for many smartphones

Android guide

If you have WiFi: - How to giffgaff an iPhone 3G/3GS ( Video Guide >> ) - How to giffgaff an iPhone 4 - How to giffgaff a Blackberry - Guide to Windows Mobile 6.1 - Guide to the Orange San Francisco

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