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How do I set up to get a goodybag

Started by: stuarthaffenden
On: 28/06/2013 | 11:21
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by: stuarthaffenden
on: 28/06/2013 | 11:21
I have activated my giffgaff sim card but dont know how to get a goodybag
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by: gaffout
on: 28/06/2013 | 11:23
For the easiest was to Purchase a goodybag with credit/voucher,

See here for a guide with screenshots
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by: judgejudy
on: 28/06/2013 | 11:26
if you want to buy a goodybag from credit go to and choose buy with airtime
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by: sarahmartin2
on: 29/06/2013 | 13:06

hi there after you have topped up select your goody bag form airtime or credit card easy x

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by: anthony_c
former giff-staffer

on: 29/06/2013 | 14:17
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by: arsenal20112011
on: 29/06/2013 | 14:23

You add a goodybag by going onto your giffgaff account and then go on the section which says "find out more about goodybags" and then a variety of goodybags will come through. You then click on the goodybag you want, tick the box which say "pay by airtime credit" and confirm your order and your goodybag should come through. Hope this helps Smiley Happy

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