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How do I turn adult content OFF

Started by: bakerboy1977
On: 19/11/2013 | 23:26
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by: bakerboy1977
on: 19/11/2013 | 23:26

I want to stop adult content.

Yes, I DO NOT want to see adult content.


I didn't think it was enabled but I thought I'd make sure it was off.

I went into my Phone Settings. Under 'Allow Adult Content' I selected 'no or off'.

Now it says "Allow adult content on phone = on"

It has done the opposite of what I have asked!


When I select 'change' it says "Your adult content changes are in progress, please check it later"

It has been 3 days.

I do not want adult content - what is going on?


I have started using my old O2 sim until this has been resolved. I see no reason to use Giffgaff until then.

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by: minadequate
on: 19/11/2013 | 23:34
Hi Bakerboy,

It can take a little while to go through but the process, but unless you submitted your passport/driving licence number either 3 days ago or on a previous occasion the filter will NOT be lifted, as they need this information as proof you are an adult.

If you have given them this info however I suggest you either contact an agent or wait for it to progress so you can turn it off again...
I hope this helped Smiley Happy. Kind regards


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by: sick_p
on: 19/11/2013 | 23:27
Contact an agent
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by: jun100
on: 19/11/2013 | 23:28
Hi , as that's an account issue, you need to contact an Agent:
If giffgaff Blacklisted your mobile, then they can also remove the block.

Be aware it can take up to 24 hours for a reply, so please be patient.

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by: bluemoonbaz
on: 19/11/2013 | 23:28
You have to turn it off

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by: bakerboy1977
on: 19/11/2013 | 23:28

how do I contact and agent?

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by: bluemoonbaz
on: 19/11/2013 | 23:29 edited: 19/11/2013 | 23:37

You have to turn it on its off by default 

See link to allow it to be turned on

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by: dazoo
on: 19/11/2013 | 23:30

If not wanting 18sites unlocked why did you enter you your details to unlock it

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by: hameshasharif
on: 19/11/2013 | 23:32
You have to go to the main giffgaff web site and go into your account which is called my account, then log in n there should be a section of adult content on/off explain how to do turn it on n off Smiley Happy
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by: dradel
on: 19/11/2013 | 23:33
Hi ,
itsay take some time befor its activat
i know itso annoying its should be other way round
if didnt activete it by tommorow you need to contact an Agent:
Hopefully help
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by: bluemoonbaz
on: 19/11/2013 | 23:34 edited: 19/11/2013 | 23:38

Here's a link for the agent
But turning it off or on in your account wont remove the adult  bar
See the link above

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