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How do i get my PAC number from gifffgaff

Started by: mnott
On: 19/04/2014 | 14:35
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by: mnott
on: 19/04/2014 | 14:35

hi can anyone tell me how i can get my PAC number from giff gaff please?

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by: lawli56
on: 19/04/2014 | 14:37

Dial 43431 and choose option 2. You will receive a text within 2 working hours.

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by: star1000
on: 19/04/2014 | 14:39

Leaving giffgaff


Dial 43431 option 2 and follow instructions to get your pac code, you should receive it within 2 hours via sms (between 8am - 4pm, Monday - Friday)





Click here

More info

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by: mnott
on: 19/04/2014 | 14:39

the link works but they say theres an error and to contact an agent, i need the code today!!

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by: weemag
on: 19/04/2014 | 14:40
43431 option 2 for pac code
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by: anees_mahmood
on: 19/04/2014 | 14:40
If you want to obtain a PAC to leave giffgaff , either ring 43431 and select option 2 for Other Options, then 1 for PAC , or just click:

and you should receive your code via SMS within 2 working hours (Mon-Fri 8am to 4pm) , the PAC will also be shown on your My Giffgaff page under your phone number

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by: bigdaveuk
on: 19/04/2014 | 14:41
dial 43431 option 2
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by: harry58
on: 19/04/2014 | 14:43

@mnott wrote:

hi can anyone tell me how i can get my PAC number from giff gaff please?

you can get on by calling 43431 or go here

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