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How do i ring giffgaff

Started by: zainmufcshah19
On: 15/12/2013 | 15:34
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by: zainmufcshah19
on: 15/12/2013 | 15:34
Customer service number
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by: azzy_2013
on: 15/12/2013 | 15:35
Ibdont think theres a customer service line but try calling 43430
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by: essie112mm
on: 15/12/2013 | 15:35

The only assistance is online. But post your question and it will be answered prompty. Thanks

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by: azzy_2013
on: 15/12/2013 | 15:36
Hope ive helped Smiley Wink message me privately as you seem to have so many posts Smiley Wink always here to help new customers and put a smile to your face Smiley Wink
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by: elbubsio
on: 15/12/2013 | 15:36



There is no customer service number, mate.  All the help you need is right here Smiley Happy


So, what seems to be the problem today?

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by: davesmum
on: 15/12/2013 | 15:36
There isn't a telephone number. We all help on the community or if it is a specific account query you can contact an agent online. Do you want to tell us what the issue is and we can try and help? Lucy Smiley Happy
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by: kevgaxx
on: 15/12/2013 | 15:36
giffgaff does not have a customer service number. Everything is online only.

General queries ( please do not post personal details ) can be submitted to the help forum for answers, suggestions and advice from community members. Eg you need help with phone settings,going on holiday, or can't make calls etc.

Specific account details are handled by giffgaff agents. eg Payment details or account problems.
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by: phil_72
on: 15/12/2013 | 15:57
Hi Zain. Giffgaff is unique in that there's no endless waiting in queues for help. All the customer service is here from other, er, customers!! It's the best way. What's up?
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by: foxymac2020
on: 15/12/2013 | 15:59
Only way is in here we might be able to help or contact agent
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by: lg786lg
on: 15/12/2013 | 16:16

only assistance is online only

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