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How do i set up WAP and MMS on my nokia lumia 520?

Started by: umerarain95
On: 31/08/2013 | 19:06
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by: umerarain95
on: 31/08/2013 | 19:06

I have nokia lumia 520? I just inserted a new and my first giffgaff sim in the phone and got a text to manually set up WAP or MMS?


First of all what are they and where do i find them on lumia 520. 

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by: jokeyboi77
on: 31/08/2013 | 19:07
Hello Smiley Happy

For your internet and MMS settings for your Nokia Lumia see below-

1. Press arrow right to access the
main menu. Press Settings. Press
mobile network. Press add apn.

2. Enter APN Press the field below
APN. Key in :

3. Enter username Press the field
below Username and key in : giffgaff

4. Enter password Press the field
below Password and key in :

5. Save and exit Press the confirm
icon. Press the Home key to return
to standby mode.

For a full guide to these settings please click on the link here.

I hope this helps. Any issues during setup please let us know. Smiley Happy
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by: samsungasong
on: 31/08/2013 | 19:08
try texting settings to 2020
Get a free giffgaff Sim

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by: daniya001
on: 31/08/2013 | 19:09
For a full guide to these settings please click on the link here.
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by: datamuncher
on: 31/08/2013 | 19:10
WAP is basically internet and MMS texts. To set up your internet text "settings" to 2020 you'll receive a text with your internet settings. Input those and you're ready to go
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by: faheema369
on: 31/08/2013 | 19:28
check here
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by: varshachande
on: 31/08/2013 | 19:58

Text settings to 2020 and follow the instructions

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