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How long does it take the tech team to do anything?

Started by: quertypig
On: 04/04/2011 | 20:35
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by: jo2010
on: 04/04/2011 | 20:45
In my experience so far it takes forever, 2 agents contacted and still nothing done, I was beginning to think it was just me.
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by: teajayy
on: 04/04/2011 | 20:48

What do you mean they've blocked your spare phone too?

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by: quertypig
on: 04/04/2011 | 20:49

I reported my sim as missing and they've put a bar on the phone it was last in - my unlocked spare making it impossible to use any back up sims.

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by: samanthawalkerx
on: 04/04/2011 | 20:51
the log in problem has worked for me now :') fixed itself
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by: quertypig
on: 04/04/2011 | 20:52

Please post this somewhere relevant.

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by: robbie28
on: 04/04/2011 | 21:01

@quertypig sorry to hear you have an unresolved issue. I will check with the agents and PM you

Robbie Hearn
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