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How long i have to wait for activativation my sim ?

Started by: maximilianman
On: 17/04/2013 | 19:01
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by: maximilianman
on: 17/04/2013 | 19:01
I've registered 3 hours ago
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by: rhort
on: 17/04/2013 | 19:01
The process of activation can take as little as half an hour, but at busy times, or whilst there are any network issues, it could take as long as 24 hours. You'll know when it's completed as you'll be able to see your balance and your phone number on your 'My GiffGaff' page, and from then on, you should be able to use your handset as normal; before completion, it will show 'Activate SIM Card', or 'Activation In Progress' here.

If you find it takes any longer than 24 hours for everything to be complete, then it's possible there has been a problem, so you should then contact an agent at (select: Your GiffGaff SIM & Services > Activating your SIM) who should come back to you within a further 24 hours, and if you find that's taking too long, try contacting an Educator:

There's a more complete guide to activation at
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by: jamie567
on: 17/04/2013 | 19:01

It can take 24 hours Smiley Happy

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by: jun100
on: 17/04/2013 | 19:01
Activations will complete at some time after 4am ....
and before 12pm ...

But can take 24 hours so be patient
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by: bitgeek2
on: 17/04/2013 | 19:01

Activation can take upto 24 hours Smiley Happy

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by: jellius
on: 17/04/2013 | 19:03
24 hrs pal but usually a lot less its dependant on how busy gg is at the time
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by: nerakb
on: 17/04/2013 | 19:03

Did you top up by at least £10 during your part of the activation process?If so,it can take upto 24 hours for activation to fully complete (generally a lot quicker,though).

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by: judgejudy
on: 17/04/2013 | 19:04
it can take up to 24 hours
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by: emskimo
on: 17/04/2013 | 19:06

Hey Smiley Very Happy please do not worry or stress. Although giffgaff are generally super quick at activating sims, sometimes it can take up to 24 hours, please sit patiently, i understand it's frustrating but maybe the payment from your bank hasn't been fully processed just yet. 


Thank you! x

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by: waynetheman
on: 17/04/2013 | 19:08

hi there it can take 30 to 24 hours and welcoe to giffgaff

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