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How long to activate a new goody bag?

Started by: peramo
On: 01/04/2018 | 22:07
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by: peramo
on: 01/04/2018 | 22:07

Having run out of data I tried to get a new goody bag early (1G instead of my normal 500M) and after 10 or 20 mins it is still saying ‘Processing request’. I can see the payment has gone through, so what gives?!

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by: sneaky007
on: 01/04/2018 | 22:11
Hi @peramo

Please reboot your phone to allow the goodybag to kick in. If rebooting your phone hasn't helped check your payment history and My giffgaff pages to see if the goodybag or airtime credit has actual been applied to your account.

1) My giffgaff
2) Payment History

Also dial the balance short codes as sometimes your My giffgaff page can be out of sync.
Airtime balance dial *100#
Goodybag balance(minutes) dial *100*7#.

What does it show? if no transaction is listed and your balance is zero contact an agent to investigate into this further. To get in contact with a giffgaff agent please follow this link , please note during busy times a giffgaff agent can take up to 24 hours to respond to your query.

A agent reply can be found in the "Messages From Agents" box that is located on your "My Giffgaff" page or follow this link to access it directly.
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