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On: 02/11/2018 | 14:34
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by: giffgaff-team
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Hello folks,


At giffgaff we do things slightly differently; we don't have a call centre, we handle all of our support online so that we can save you money and because we think it's better.

There are several ways of getting help on the website:


1. Browsing help


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Browsing help

The majority of problems can be solved by reading one of our troubleshooting articles.


You can do this by:


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  • Browsing the popular questions


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  • Browsing by category


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2. Asking the community


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Asking The Community


Another way to get the answer to your question is by asking our super helpful members who are a very active bunch and will point you in the right direction faster than you can make a cup of tea!


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To really speed up the process make sure you are as detailed as possible about your situation.


Here are some examples of things you could include:

  • What the issue is (including any error messages that you might see)
  • The make and model of your phone
  • Whether you have a goodybag or credit
  • Things you have already tried in order to solve the issue


It is important to keep in mind that this is a public forum so we would advise you not to post any personal information i.e. phone number, bank details or address.


Now that you know what to do, click here to talk to our helpers and don’t forget to tick 'email me when someone replies' to get email notification as soon as one of our helpers answers your question.

Going back to a question you have asked

To find the answers to your question, you can either go to the help page or the help and support page where you will see your recent questions displayed provided you are logged in.


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It is always best to go back and update the original question instead of asking the question again. That way the helpers will have all the relevant details to give you the best advice.


Saying Thanks! - Marking a Best Answer

Since the gaffers answering your questions are members just like you, it would be nice to thank them for helping you out.


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The best way to do this is by marking the answer that helped solve your problem as a best answer. You can do this by clicking on the Set as Best Answer button shown on the bottom right corner of the post that helped you the most.

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Not only will this give credit to the member who posted the response but this also identifies the correct answer for other members who land on the community experiencing similar problems.

If none of the options above helped solve your issue, then you might want to try:


3. Asking an agent


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Asking an Agent

Although the Help and Support Forum is a great place to find help, there are some things that the community will not be able to solve, by this we mean account related issues which will require them to have access to your personal information.



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If you find yourself in this situation, it would be best for you to directly contact our agents who work 7 days a week from 8am to 10pm.


Take a look at this When to contact an agent article in the Knowledge base to get a better understanding of when it would be best to do this.


However, if you’re not too sure on which form you should use, feel free to ask the community and they will be happy to point you in the right direction.



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