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How to save Iphone videos to PC

Started by: jenjenx
On: 02/10/2011 | 12:16
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by: jenjenx
on: 02/10/2011 | 12:16

Hi Guys.. I took a video clip with my iphone 4 today and want to save it to my PC but have no idea how to do it.


I have windows 7.


Searched online and all 3rd party programs cost money.  Are there any free good solutions?



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by: bonusball
on: 02/10/2011 | 12:17

Sync it with itunes do a backup

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by: jmistry
on: 02/10/2011 | 12:21
It should be backed up when you plug it into your PC via iTunes. Check your settings.
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by: dieter1
on: 02/10/2011 | 12:21

go on itunes and sync it Smiley Happy 

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by: hrhjac
on: 02/10/2011 | 12:21
As soon as you connect your iPhone to your PC there will be a connection pop up on PC asking you which folder will open the pictures. Just select the folder you want to use and follow insttuctions to copy your pictures over to the folder on your PC.

Also get iTunes on PC as that can autosynch all files from your iPhone to iTunes too, iTunes is also a great backup for the iPhone especially contact telephone numbers, apps and music etc.

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by: danciel
on: 02/10/2011 | 12:53

I would reccomend something like Dropbox, since you can do it over Wifi, of course this solution is down to convenience.

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by: a71
on: 02/10/2011 | 13:01

Wrong place to post lol

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by: pitney
on: 02/10/2011 | 13:51
Put ur usb lead in ur phone and into ur computer then when it reconoses it ur be given options to view whats on the phone. Follow the instructions
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by: dany001
on: 02/10/2011 | 13:53
There is a few ways.
The most common way is to sync it with itunes and then back up the video you want from there.

If the phone is jailbroken you go to cydia and download pwntunes , once you get this just connect your iphone to pc and go to my computer and all your data should be there in apple device.
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