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How to tell if texts to>**phone_number_removed** is premium or included in my goodybag?

Started by: klynchk
On: 16/05/2019 | 00:35
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by: klynchk
on: 16/05/2019 | 00:35

Hi Giffgaffers

I received the unsolicited message below.

Screenshot 2019-05-16 at 00.23.20.png


I checked - for 0786

Screenshot 2019-05-16 at 00.29.28.png


 I don't want to be scammed by these people - I'd appreciate if someone could confirm text to >**phone_number_removed** are included in my goodybag




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by: sloz
on: 16/05/2019 | 00:46
Hi, an 078600 number is a standard uk mobile and included in a goodybag allowance
You should never reply to a normal mobile number, so ignore it

Did the text arrive from a number starting 078600?
If not what other number or word did it arrive from.?
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by: jaymailsays
on: 16/05/2019 | 01:32



Hi Kevin, it is a fake mobile number, reporting it as spam is pointless as the number is out of service when I test called it.


I doubt the reply STOP is genuine.


I would ignore it but keep an eye on your balances.

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by: antho16293
on: 16/05/2019 | 06:20
Hello and welcome
Looks a scam.. delete those type of messages and never click the links within them.
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by: jt_21
on: 16/05/2019 | 08:44 edited: 16/05/2019 | 08:45


Looks to be an ordinary mobile number BUT did the message in the  original text come from a different number? If so report the original number as SPAM And do not send anything back to the number stated in the message, it could just confirm that your number is 'live' and open up a can of worms, I doubt you're looking for a new lap top, just IGNORE IT ..... BUT do  keep checks on your giffgaff balance by dialling *100# check to ensure no suspicious amounts are being deducted. 

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