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Huawei E3131 dongle help

Started by: andysalford6
On: 30/11/2012 | 16:10
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by: andysalford6
on: 30/11/2012 | 16:10

Hi all sorry if this as been asked b4, I have a unlocked  Huawei E3131 dongle I have registerd my giffgaff sim and put a £7.50 gigabag on it  but nothing is happening my pc does not even know it is there is just recognizing it as a mass storage device


can you help

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by: woodyuk
on: 01/12/2012 | 09:21

Yes in your phone you need to set up a new data connection for giffgaff as we use a different access point to O2 users.

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by: morvin
on: 30/11/2012 | 16:11
See this guide
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by: antonio75
on: 30/11/2012 | 16:12
av u gg settings in
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by: andysalford6
on: 30/11/2012 | 16:24

there is no software to change so I can not had any settings myself when I plug the dongle in nothing happens

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by: andysalford6
on: 30/11/2012 | 16:26

I have tried the sim in my mobile phone too I was going to use this a my modem as well but it will not conect to the internet I get the msg packet data fail I have the right settings in my phone too 

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by: endorphin
on: 30/11/2012 | 16:27
Dial *100# - for airtime credit (payg) balance.
Dial *100*7# - for goodybag balance

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by: woodyuk
on: 30/11/2012 | 16:34

You need to download and install the Huawei connection manager program for your dongle which is called "Mobile Partner" then your computer will see it as a modem.


You can get it by clicking the download link at the top of the page here


Then go into options and set up a new connection for giffgaff with settings



Username  giffgaff

Password  password

Number to dial  *99#


Save the settings and set it as your avtive connection.

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by: andysalford6
on: 01/12/2012 | 08:00
Hi thanks for that I tried it but still no joy its says connection lost od disconnected..when I put the sim in to my phone it does not work too my O2 call sim with data connects no problem the giffgaff data only sim that as been loaded with a £7.50 gigabag does not work is there any setting a need to change in my phone or do you reckon the sim is faulty or not connected 
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