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I Want To Keep My Phone Number From My Old Giffgaff

Started by: mikeydread1
On: 02/07/2014 | 20:35
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by: mikeydread1
on: 02/07/2014 | 20:35

how can I transfer my old giffgaff phone number to my new giffgaff sim card. Where and how do I get the giffgaff PAC CODE? Please

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by: various_mm
on: 02/07/2014 | 20:36
you don't need PAC, whta you need to do is a sim swap as per here
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by: alexc33
on: 02/07/2014 | 20:39
You can transfer your existing account, including your number, any credit, active and queued goodybags and any payback points, from one sim to another unactivated sim using the sim swap feature.
Link to how to sim swap -
Link to where you sim swap -

If you're trying to transfer your number to another activated sim on another giffgaff account, then this is not possible. You can only transfer numbers in or out of giffgaff accounts to or from other service providers, not between giffgaff accounts.
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by: mikeydread1
on: 02/07/2014 | 22:31


Hi, thank you for your reply. I have had a giffgaff account for many years which someone else had set up for me because I have never used the internet before. But not I have just a new Android touch screen phone, and have now decided to take total control of my own account. I now have a new giffgaff simcard that I now have in my new phone, and want to keep the same phone number that I have had for 20 years.  Thank you for your help. If you can help in anyway It would be very appreciated 

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by: aequalszero
on: 02/07/2014 | 22:42

You're in luck too, because the SIM swap process is actually very painless and easy to set-up.

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