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I am trying to change the account my direct debit comes out from for my contract how can I do this?

Started by: matthewakintunde
On: 07/07/2016 | 14:26
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by: matthewakintunde
on: 07/07/2016 | 14:26

I am trying to change my direct debit from an account of someone who gifted me a phone. Is this possible to change.

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by: solid247
on: 07/07/2016 | 14:29
Go to please: click on change to edit your credit or debit card deatils. Go to the Payment Details page, and click 'Change'. From there, enter your new credit/debit card details, and click 'Save this credit / debit card'.
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by: fathermissmiss
on: 07/07/2016 | 14:30
Hi this will help you
logging in, heading to "My giffgaff", and then to the "My payments" tab. There you can change the following details:
* Your saved credit / debit card details
* Your auto top-up preferences
* Your recurring goodybag preferences
* View your order history
Make sure that this information is correct at all times or you may not receive emails from giffgaff (e.g. if you forgot your password) and the SIM cards you ordered.
Good luck and hope this helps
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by: bigjohnhall
on: 07/07/2016 | 14:34
Hi, if the payment is for goodybags change iv at
but if you mean for the phone itself whoever ordered the phone are responsible for all the payments as the credit check was done on them
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