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I can receive and send texts, I can dial a person, people calling me get a message of call ended

Started by: beerbod
On: 24/04/2016 | 11:07
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by: beerbod
on: 24/04/2016 | 11:07 edited: 24/04/2016 | 11:11

I can:

  • Send texts.
  • Receive texts.
  • Make calls.

I cannot receive calls as the caller gets a message of call ended after dialling.


Any ideas anyone......

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by: sneaky007
on: 24/04/2016 | 11:09
Hi @beerbod

Please double check you haven't accidentally got the caller blocked either under your device settings or via app. Also turn your device off for a couple of minutes and turn it back on again to see if that helps.
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by: suzyevs
on: 24/04/2016 | 11:09
Does this happen to everyone who calls you? May be the faults the callers side.
Try restarting your phone.
Check that there are no network problems where you are.
Use these links.
big"It Takes 2 To Tango"
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by: fidas
on: 24/04/2016 | 11:09
hi check ur settings incase set to voicemail.
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by: lynda1962
on: 24/04/2016 | 11:09
@beerbod, hi there, try rebooting your phone as this sometimes helps then turn it off and on a few times.

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by: beerbod
on: 24/04/2016 | 11:13
I have tried from another GiffGaff mobile and a virgin land line - both unable to connect.
I do not have any callers blocked.
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by: fidas
on: 24/04/2016 | 11:15
take sim out then turn phne on leave for few mins then put sim bk in see if that helps.
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by: endorphin
on: 24/04/2016 | 11:17
Hi, I suggest you try turning your phone off, waiting a minute and then turn it back on (to force it to reconnect to the mobile network).

If that doesn't work, you should see if there are any network problems where you are on this service status page:

If there are no network problems by you, see if doing a manual roam helps as described here
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by: beerbod
on: 24/04/2016 | 11:18
I have restarted the phone several times - no change in the status.Land line call has engaged tone , another giffgaff mobile gets 'Call Ended@
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by: beerbod
on: 24/04/2016 | 11:28

incoming call doent get as far as voicemail which i dont have set up anyway....but thanks.

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