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I can't buy always on data??

Started by: markoh11
On: 02/10/2015 | 11:40
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by: markoh11
on: 02/10/2015 | 11:40
I joined giffgaff last month because of the always on data and it had come to the end of the month and my goodie bag and now I can't buy a always on data why is this I only joined for that reason???
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by: amir667
on: 02/10/2015 | 11:42
Hi, @markoh11 and welcome to the giffgaff community,

Are you getting a error message? Sometimes this can be browser issue please try clearing your browser cache and history or use another browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari) before trying again. Please follow this link select the £20 goodybag and follow the instructions to complete the transaction.
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by: kzafar
on: 02/10/2015 | 11:43
Are you getting any error message?
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by: crinkes
on: 02/10/2015 | 11:43
Hi, have you had an email saying you can't buy always on data goodybags ?
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by: markoh11
on: 02/10/2015 | 11:51
No email and when I try to restart my goodie baget today it says sorry you can not buy unlimited goodie bags
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by: markoh11
on: 02/10/2015 | 11:52
Bag* sorry lol
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by: germansheppard234
on: 02/10/2015 | 12:28
Have u another account that u have been banned from using unlimited in past, if u have they will have blocked u on this account, cheers
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by: markoh11
on: 02/10/2015 | 12:30
No like I said I an a brand new customer to giffgaff since the 2nd of September Smiley Happy
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by: greenfrogman
on: 02/10/2015 | 12:32

Where did you get the phone from

Can you please text PLAN to 43430 (it's free ignore phone warning) after 2-10 minutes it send you your usage can you post it in here or PM me it (if you don't want it public)

Please mark the correct answer so users can find them later on

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by: markoh11
on: 02/10/2015 | 12:37
The £20 always on data goodie bag has gone from the list in my account I use around 25 gig of data a month
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