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I'd like to transfer my old number to my new giff gaff account, i already have my puc code, pls help

Started by: ghwana
On: 22/12/2015 | 16:05
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by: ghwana
on: 22/12/2015 | 16:05

please help with this request, I'm keen to keep my old number i already hae my puc number

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by: bengalknights
on: 22/12/2015 | 16:09
To port your number in you simply need to fill out the 'Transfer your number' form (you'll need to be logged in and already have activated your SIM).

You'll need the following info:

The mobile number you want to keep
The PAC code (Port Authorisation Code)
Your preferred transfer date (note: you can't transfer your number over the weekend or on a Bank Holiday. If you do choose one of these dates the system will select the next available day for your transfer). The date chosen must also be within the next 14 days.
An alternative contact number (just in case we need to get hold of you)

The transfer form can be found here
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by: mrscarolvickers
on: 22/12/2015 | 16:09

Fill in a transfer form from:

For info on how to get started and much more, see:

You can text "number" to 2020 to check your number has gone through.

Also switch phone off /on or put on aeroplane mode for a few mins.
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by: jondy
on: 22/12/2015 | 16:10

Hi. Go to the "my giffgaff" heading at the top of the page. Choose the "profile and settings" option. Then choose the keep my number and follow the instructions. Jondy 

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by: nad786hussain
on: 22/12/2015 | 16:11

To transfer your phone number to giffgaff, you first need to ask your old mobile provider for a porting authorisation code (pac), you can then use the transfer form to submit your pac and choose a date for the transfer:


If your number has not been transferred by the day after the scheduled date, you can contact an agent about it:


See number transfer guide and what to expect on transfer day:​​​​How-do-I-keep-my-current-mobile-number/ta-p/35...

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by: im_mandi
on: 22/12/2015 | 16:13
Hi, if you mean from another giffgaff account you can't transfer your number to the new account. If your transferring from another network give your PAC at
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by: sudeepshe
on: 22/12/2015 | 16:16
Hello there,

It seems that you're looking to transfer your old number on giffgaff and it's easy to do so. All you need to do is click here:

Cheers Smiley Happy
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by: ghwana
on: 22/12/2015 | 16:24

Cheers very much appreciated, love the 4G, really happy so far, glad I made the change!


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