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I have £26 on my account it's not lettin me top up buy a goody bag or owt say sorry go to giffgaff

Started by: sally1977elliott
On: 31/07/2016 | 00:31
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by: sally1977elliott
on: 31/07/2016 | 00:31
Help need to top up u Crnt the just have a customer service Num to ring changin networks I think cent handle this every month 1st month ended with £30 on me fone wen tried put 15 then this month took 50 it a joke only good thing is the packages wen can get them thanks x
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by: topcop
on: 31/07/2016 | 00:34
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by: kabir7868
on: 31/07/2016 | 02:51
Hi there just get in touch with an event in ur giffgaff account hopefully they will help resolve ur Issue if you've rid to purchase a good bag and it won't let you onli agent will be able to help with this technical issue ...however they can take up to 24 hours to respond hope this helps 😉
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