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I inserted a sim into my phone, how do i get my number.

Started by: umerarain95
On: 31/08/2013 | 18:54
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by: umerarain95
on: 31/08/2013 | 18:54

I ordered a sim and it came today, i popped it into my phone, have not activated it yet, just baffled about why isn't a number there... also can i set my own number if it is not taken by anyone else.



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by: jack_walsh
on: 31/08/2013 | 18:56 edited: 31/08/2013 | 18:57

You only receive the number after activating it with a
tenner. Its randomly allocated, you can't pick one

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by: ronc2000
on: 31/08/2013 | 18:57

No you cannot choose a number.

It is given to you by random.


Or you can port a number.

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by: daniya001
on: 31/08/2013 | 18:58
u need to activate the sim before a number shows up..
then u need to get a puk code from ur old service provider.. using this puk code u can fill out a number transfer form and transfer ur old number to here
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by: compy
on: 31/08/2013 | 18:58



You need to activate the SIM online using the 6 digit code on the card and then top-up £10. Activation can be within an hour but sometimes 24hrs. You will see your 'new' number on the mygiffgaff page (lhs) once activated or send the word number to 2020 after activated to see it. Smiley Happy


Can't 'set' your own number but can transfer another one you have from another provider in (know as porting in).

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by: riiceball
on: 31/08/2013 | 18:59
you will get your number once you activate it with the initial £10 topup
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by: umerarain95
on: 31/08/2013 | 19:09

The number will be displayed on my phone right? at the moment where i am suppoed to see the number i am seeing  a text box to enter digits. On top of that there is a on and off to use default voicemail number. I have nokia lumia 520.

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by: nerakb
on: 31/08/2013 | 19:10

You have to activate your sim,including topping up,online.Once

  you've done this,activation should then take about 30 minutes

 to fully complete but can take upto 24 hours-at which point you'll be allocated a random giffgaff number.This will appear under your usernam on your homepage.

If you want to transfer your current network provider's number to giffgaff,you'll have to contact them and ask for your PAC.Then fill in the transfer you number form found in the handy links section on your homepage.

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by: bigdaveuk
on: 31/08/2013 | 19:25
lol its not like other sims that u pop into phones, you have to activate on here at and login in amd activate your sim with £10 top up which you will use to buy your first goodybag when activation is complete, and you will get free £5 credit.
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