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I lost my phone and sim but I found it so I need to unblock it again

Started by: jojojames17077
On: 04/01/2018 | 19:41
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by: z0d10n
on: 04/01/2018 | 19:42

Hey @jojojames17077


Good Evening Smiley Happy.  It's good to know that you've found your iPhone 5s, happy days Smiley Happy.


If you recover a device that you asked Giffgaff to bar, you can ask an agent to unbar it. They will need its IMEI number, make sure to have it with you when you contact them (key in *#06# on your phone to display its IMEI). It is also possible to unbar a SIM card which has been temporarily barred. Ask an agent to unbar your phone


Agent replies will appear on your Account Dashboard (My Giffgaff) and also in your My Questions area.


It does take up to 24 hours for a giffgaff agent reply to your request and then takes a further 5 working days for the unbarring process to be completed through the system, sorry.



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by: smithster225225
on: 04/01/2018 | 19:42

Hi there @

Here you go -

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by: jamal251
on: 04/01/2018 | 19:42 edited: 04/01/2018 | 19:45

Sorry @jojojames17077 if you report the SIM lost/stolen you will not be able to unblock if you found it again. You will need to wait for the replacement SIM to arrive.


The replacement SIM will be sent out to the address provided under the details page here .
The replacement SIM will have still have your number , any active allowances .e g goodybag and/or airtime credit. The SIM should take no more than 3 working days to arrive. When it does activate it online here .
For more details on reporting the SIM lost/stolen check out this link.
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by: billyjay29
on: 04/01/2018 | 19:43 edited: 04/01/2018 | 19:50

Hi jojojames17077, this guide will sort it for you, good luck


*** I've FOUND my lost/stolen phone / SIM how do I get the bar lifted? ***


You've found your phone and / or SIM - that's great news!

This article will guide you on what to do next. LINK HERE>


1. Your giffgaff SIM

2. Your handset or device

3. Handy Links



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by: jojojames17077
on: 04/01/2018 | 19:58
It’s not letting me on that page can you please just unblock the phone I still got the old sim
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