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I need my replacement sim activating

Started by: lukebeale
On: 10/12/2018 | 05:01
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by: lukebeale
on: 10/12/2018 | 05:01

Please somebody help i need this sorting asap giffgaff dont seem to be doing anything i lost my phone a few weeks ago so i ordered a replacement sim card i recived that after 2 weeks because there was issues sending it out after recieving the replacement sim i have tried to activate it many times it comes up with a message saying we are unable to actiate your sim please ask an agent for help which i have and im not getting a reply i am so fustrated i am typing in the correct activation code

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by: elisaibh
on: 10/12/2018 | 05:18

SIM which you're trying to activate is a replacement SIM?

Replacement SIM comes in a pack with "Oops, don't worry, we'll get you back on track"

If, not then sorry to say that the SIM is not a replacement SIM. This may be the reason you're unable to activate it.

However, if it came ina pack with "Oops, don't worry, we'll get you back on track" then try to activate from: : by log-in onto your account using another browser and see that cache/cookies are cleared.

If, still facing problem then contact agent:

Reply from agent can be check:
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by: clikasarus
on: 10/12/2018 | 06:00 edited: 10/12/2018 | 06:02

 @lukebeale Hi welcome to giffgaff and the community


Very sorry you are having trouble with your replacement sim best thing is to contact a agent here ⬇️


And hopefully they will be able to sort it out quickly for you , you can view there answers here ⬇️



•But please be patient as it could take upto 24 hours for a agent to get back to you


I hope this helps 


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by: sloz
on: 10/12/2018 | 10:05
Hi, that usually indicates that you're trying to activate the replacement sim on the wrong account,

What date did you last top up or buy a goodybag?
Can you see that transaction here

Do you receive emails from giffgaff When purchasing a goodybag?
And can you still that email account?
The correct will be shown in the top right corner of those emails
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