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I still haven't received any info, regarding a voucher that is not valid.

Started by: kev0579
On: 22/06/2014 | 14:09
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by: kev0579
on: 22/06/2014 | 14:09
I've sent a request to an agent regarding an invalid voucher. I've been waiting over 2 days. Have you got any advice please. Thanks
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by: isabel1066
on: 22/06/2014 | 14:11
which voucher gg or o2 and welcome have you tried on the phone dial 43430
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by: gicu
on: 22/06/2014 | 14:17


Please check again you Agent Question page here: and make sure any Agent do this already.

Second lets find answer to you'r question here:

1-st Class order form:
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by: kev0579
on: 22/06/2014 | 20:43
Hi isabel1066,
How are you? I'm just replying to let you know that it's a GG top up and I've tried 43430 and it just says its not valid. Plus I've tried to top it up through the GG app but still nothing. I have literally tried every option going. Thank you for taking the time out to message me with information :-(
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