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I want to buy blackberry add on

Started by: saffybe
On: 10/08/2012 | 17:00
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by: saffybe
on: 10/08/2012 | 17:00
I'm on the £5 hockey cockey package and it will expire soon and I want to add bb service but I don't know were to buy the pack from
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by: ibyyy_p
on: 10/08/2012 | 17:00
You can only buy it when the old one expires. Go to my gg, on the right purchae
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by: ibyyy_p
on: 10/08/2012 | 17:01
...purchase goodybags and you must purchase it with another goodybag at the same time
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by: nerakb
on: 10/08/2012 | 17:01 edited: 10/08/2012 | 17:03

You have to purchase the blackberry add on at the same time as the goodybag.You'll have to wait until your current goodybag expires.

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by: morvin
on: 10/08/2012 | 17:01
See here Get it with a goodybag and add the add on.
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by: sam1128
on: 10/08/2012 | 17:02
Well when you add hockey Cokey you'll be given option to add £3 bb add-on just underneath it !

Just select it and you are ready to go !

Make sure if you need access to Facebook or twitter than you better of buying £10 goodybags with £3 add on because hokey Cokey does not include any data !

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by: cugirl
on: 10/08/2012 | 17:03
You need to get a goodybag, and get the bb addon at the same time.
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by: saffybe
on: 10/08/2012 | 17:05
It don't have option to add bb add on do I have to purchase hockey cockey for my next anivasaary date & then will it show the bb service
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by: notknown
on: 10/08/2012 | 17:05
when your bag expires and you buy a new one it will give you the option of with or without the bb add on
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by: saffybe
on: 10/08/2012 | 17:11
So does that mean I have to wait till 28th august
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