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I want to change my number

Started by: s6boy82
On: 26/02/2014 | 09:26
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by: s6boy82
on: 26/02/2014 | 09:26
I want to change my number but don't know how, can any one help
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by: bluemoonbaz
on: 26/02/2014 | 09:29
Hello and welcome to the community yes you can change your giffgaff number

(without changing your SIM ). Please be aware that you have to
top up your credit by £10 (this is added to your
credit balance - it is not a charge). All other sims details will be
unchanged (credit, goodybags etc)
Full guide here -
The agents will contact you with details of how
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by: dalan
on: 26/02/2014 | 09:29
Here you go
Change number

To raise a case the agents,go to Help on your my giffgaff page, then click Ask an Agent from the links on the page, or use this link below.

The agents will get back to you within 24 hours. You will also be asked to top up your account by at least £10.

If you have problems, choose 30 in the drop down box. And then write the specific nature of your issue in the text box provided.

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by: kylie_ysyeng19
on: 26/02/2014 | 09:29

Hi there and weldome to the giffgaff community.


If you want to change your giffgaff number;

(this will replace your current giffgaff number on your existing account with a new number. All credit etc will be preserved)

  • Contact an agent, using this form:
  • Select incoming calls from the list of call types to bar, (otherwise the form will not send, If you do not want to bar unwanted incoming calls, add a note to your message.)
  • In 'Any Further Info', ask for your giffgaff number to be changed for a new number.
    It will take the agents up to 24 hours to reply.
  • You will be asked to confirm that you understand a £10 top-up is required to activate the new number.  Do not top-up until instructed to do so.
  • When your new number is ready, you will be given instructions on what to do next. Follow the instructions to add the £10 top-up and activate the number change. This money will be added to your airtime balance.
  • Wait while the new number activates and you're good to go.


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by: navvy
on: 26/02/2014 | 09:32
Depends whether you want a diferent random giffgaff number due to nuisance calls, or want to port your old number from your previous network? Either way, wait until the current fault is completely cleared - check on the Service Updates forum.
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