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I would like to activaty my goody bad today

Started by: zoom13
On: 26/02/2018 | 15:52
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by: zoom13
on: 26/02/2018 | 15:52

I would like to activate my goody bag earlier. As I need more data. Is that possible


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by: danhamman
on: 26/02/2018 | 15:54

You must have less than 50mins of calls, or less than 50mb of data on your existing goodybag - in order to start a queued goodybag


"On your dashboard under your goodybag details you should see an option to start your 4G queued goodybag early. Just click and confirm you want to get rid of the active goodybag and the process will be set in motion."



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by: dan240997
on: 26/02/2018 | 15:54

Hi if you got less than5mb in your goodybag plan then you can start a new goodybag today

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by: johngould
on: 26/02/2018 | 15:54

Hi, @zoom13


It is possible when your remaining data falls below 50MB.

You should see a " Start your next goodybag today " option beside the queued goodybag. 

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