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Started by: handymanjoe
On: 13/01/2012 | 19:24
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by: handymanjoe
on: 13/01/2012 | 19:24

after many days of suching all over the internet,i finally got my internet to work on my new blackberry 9300
this is how i did it

from main screen,scroll to options,then select it (the one with a spaner icon),

select options
then scroll down to devices,then select it (icon looks like a phone on mine)

scroll down to advanced system settings and select it(this icon looks like a briff case)

advance system settings
scroll down to tcp ip, then select it

tcp ip
put a tick next to apn settings enabled
Enter the APN

put a tick next to apn enabled

user name giffgaff
password password

now click on bb key

scroll down to save,
and select Save

you are ready to surf on the internet without bis/bes



Woman LOL




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by: cricpk
on: 13/01/2012 | 19:25 edited: 13/01/2012 | 19:27

Good information. Thanks.
For further information please see:


The guide above (web link) should solve all your blackberry issues. Smiley Happy 

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by: murrayw17
on: 13/01/2012 | 19:25
Thanks for the info.
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by: becky77
on: 13/01/2012 | 19:26
Thats some god info but I think you should of wrote that in top tips
kudos me if i helped
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by: othalian
on: 13/01/2012 | 19:27
There is NO proper support for Blackberrys however I think you will find these settings here on Giffgaff. So you could have saved your self sometime if you had looked here first.
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by: rakel13
on: 13/01/2012 | 19:28

How to Giffgaff a Blackberry (blackberry internet settings) -

BB Why can't I browse the Internet? -

Blackberry Video tutorial for setting up opera mini -

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by: mavishh
on: 04/02/2012 | 20:00

hi, iv tried that and rebooted my phone hope it work. does that mean bbm will work too or do we need separate settings for that. becuase my blackberry app world and whatsapp are working fine, just my bbm and internet arent working :/

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by: honestguvnor
on: 04/02/2012 | 20:49
To get BBM you need to purchase the Blackberry Services add-on for £3.
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by: marcus_nickson
on: 22/02/2012 | 00:47

only been googling this for like 6 hours and wahoo you the man! sorry giff gaff been with you 2 days and you need to be a bit more in depth with information, i have a blackberry and moved from 02 your tarrifs are great the best there is but on the downside being a newbie here and jumping straight in with the £10 goody bag becuase its says unlimeted internet , then finding it does not work at all, so i think ahh well il just get the bb add and then find it has to be purchased at the same time as a goody bag! sorry but that is a major flaw in your service! if you just let people add the bb  add on anytime i am sure your users will increase dramaticaly! and if it wasnt for this post which i could not find in the community forums i would have binned my sim! like i said mate you the man! thanks so much for taking the time to make the post and share your info! strange thing tho i have 2 handsets both curves it works on one and not the other so if you can shed some light on that i would be gratefull!! thanks again! marcus Smiley Happy

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by: rerene
on: 15/07/2012 | 09:50

It doesnt work on WhatsApp. How can i make it works? Does this things charges? 

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