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If I don't top up my sim for over two months, as it has balance, will my number get deactivated?

Started by: aashnaagarwal
On: 22/12/2015 | 13:52
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by: aashnaagarwal
on: 22/12/2015 | 13:52

I am travelling to India for a month. My monthly giffgaff cycle starts on the 23rd. So my last giffgaff cycle started on the 23rd of November. I will returning to London on the 11th of January. If I do not top up my card untill the 11th of January will my sim card get deactivated? Will it be okay if I top up my card on the 9th of January? 

Thank you

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by: sloz
on: 22/12/2015 | 13:55 edited: 22/12/2015 | 13:57

Your sim will be fine. It'll only be deactivated if you don't use your sim in a 6 month period

If you have your goody so set to recur Switch it off here

Log into your payment details page
Click "change" on the recur option
Un tick the small box
And click save recurring settings

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by: mumblebee15
on: 22/12/2015 | 13:55
It'd be OK to leave it and not top up..I think its if you leave it 6 months with no use then it will deactivate..
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by: w69d
on: 22/12/2015 | 13:58
hi , you just need to disable the recurring goodybag from your payments page

your simcard will be OK as it's only after 6 months of non use before it gets deactivated
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by: acetech
on: 22/12/2015 | 14:06
Your sim will only be deactivated if you don't use it for six months so you will be fine.

All the best
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by: raqib1998
on: 22/12/2015 | 14:07
Sims only deactivate when not used for 6 months. U should be fine
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by: andrewbergstrom
on: 22/12/2015 | 14:09
Your sim deactivates after six months.
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by: team_leader
on: 22/12/2015 | 14:10

All will be fine,sim card will only get deactivated after six months of inactivity.

Enjoy your holiday.
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by: bloszek
on: 22/12/2015 | 14:11



Don't worry your card will be still activte you can top up when you come back in January.


A SIM card is deactivated when it has not been used for the last 6 months. The activity during this period is defined by:


    • At least one call, SMS or MMS made to another number*; or
    • at least one connection to Internet; or
    • at least 4 received calls of more than 10 seconds each; or
    • at least one top-up / purchase (credit or goodybag);
    • receiving payback points (for recruiting new members or participating to the Community).

SImple ways to check, if your SIM is still active:

Dial *100*7# for details of your current goodybag
Dial *100# for your airtime credit (payg) balance.
Text NUMBER to 2020


I hope this help.

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by: rickvigorous
on: 22/12/2015 | 14:12

even if you dont top up for 6 months, if you use your number (text, call or data) every 6 months, it would remain active

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