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Im Leaving after the worst service ever

Started by: kimwilliams
On: 25/04/2012 | 14:52
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by: kimwilliams
on: 25/04/2012 | 15:30

maybe personal comments directed at me is causing that wouldnt you say? im insulting no1 apart from a network. i suggest charles that you act nicer to people

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by: norman16
on: 25/04/2012 | 15:31

Yes its the worst load of bull**bleep** i sent a video to YouTube i am tagging it up so all can see these people keep saying solved when it is not they have something to hide and its all a cover up load of B/S Norman16

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by: leeh33
on: 25/04/2012 | 15:31
"Grammer"? Lol!
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by: mickf
on: 25/04/2012 | 15:31

rigsby how can you tell?  Kim don't go this is fun.

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by: rigsby
on: 25/04/2012 | 15:34

mickf wrote:

rigsby how can you tell?  Kim don't go this is fun.

Just a couple of pointers thats all!!

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by: charlesn
on: 25/04/2012 | 15:37

I'll be nice and friendly.


I don't want to upset you.


But, Come on ... the rubbish you have written is quite amusing ... Even you should be able to agree with that.



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by: hilld2000
on: 25/04/2012 | 15:46



People on here would normally like to help... but you do not help yourself!


Nobody cares if you write your article or not.

Nobody cares if it gets printed or not.

You keep yielding the 'article' as if it matters... as if it will make a difference...

As I have said before, the only thing it will do is make you feel better... so go for it, for that reason alone.


It will not really affect GiffGaff... It might just get 'Daddy' in trouble though if anyone suspects he is abusing his position for personal (or rather YOUR personal) reasons.


From my perspective... GiffGaff is a bit of a cheap DIY network with lots of flaws, bugs problems etc.

These are not secrets!

Anybody with a brain will find the issues just by spending a few minutes looking at these forums...


Maybe you didn't do your own homework before you joined?

Maybe you thought you were joining a brilliantly run professional network?


I have so far managed to make GG work for me... plenty of other people on here have done the same.

You seem to have thrown your teddy out of the pram at the first hurdle!

(Admittedly, it was a big hurdle and really should not have happened)


The problem is you make it difficult for anybody to care very much as you seem to enjoy making yourself out to be some kind of 'threat' to GiffGaff with your 'article'.... Many people on here are actually very happy with GiffGaff, even with its faults.

You seem to be taking pleasure in the prospect of doing the service some kind of damage... That is never going to get you liked on here!


By all means warn other people off... I do not particularly want any new members to join GG at the moment.

This website is creaking at the seams as it is and I could do without even more network contention issues when I want to make a call.... Until things improve that is!







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by: supasnail
on: 25/04/2012 | 15:52
Some people get so angry :-/
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by: charlesn
on: 25/04/2012 | 15:55

Oh Kim,


You naughty boy !


You ave marked this thread as solved.


But    Guess who solved it ........ You did.


That is against GiffGaff's T&C not that that will worry you as you are leaving GiffGaff shortly anyway



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by: pcoventry
on: 25/04/2012 | 15:56 edited: 25/04/2012 | 16:08

kimwilliams wrote:

my dad works for them Smiley Happy

Well without facts based on just 1 persons experience we could well see a Telefonica V Williams lawsuit. After all to base on 1 person experience is seen as Iibel. If your dad really works for the Sun then he should be well aware of this fact.


anywhoo it'll be a laugh so do tell us when it's being printed Ill go online and look as I am sure you can understand. The sun ain't worth the 20p it charges (or whatever) as we say at work " If it's in the sun it MUST be true" lol Smiley Happy


Hopefully there will be the ability to leave commets at the bottom of said article which I am sure will outweigh your story anyway.

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