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International call charges

Started by: flinkaa
On: 17/03/2018 | 10:53
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by: flinkaa
on: 17/03/2018 | 10:53
How much does it cost to phone Norway from UK, using a goodybag?
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by: littlechris1989
on: 17/03/2018 | 10:57

It will cost 5p per minute to landline.

It will cost 8p per minute to mobile.

See the link below and put in any country you want to call.
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by: beebeer
on: 17/03/2018 | 10:58
You'll need top-up credit here
Price is:-
5p per minute
8p per minute
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by: sheppola
on: 17/03/2018 | 11:00



See other replies but see if you can get the other people on an app like WhatsApp.


It's better to get your friends and family on an app like,"WhatsApp".Then you can use the data from your GoodyBag to send pictures,make calls,message and even video chat(watch data usage).It has less limits than normal Calls and Texts/Pictures.

You can use WhatsApp at free WiFi spots as well and contact all around the World/

WhatsApp is more secure than calling and texting the normal way as well.

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