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Started by: 007mygiffgaff
On: 18/10/2015 | 14:41
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by: 007mygiffgaff
on: 18/10/2015 | 14:41
Hi all,
Just joined - previously EE customer - no 4G network. Internet is very very slow. Checked network in my area, it says it's excellent but in my case it's not.
Pls help
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by: keelanginge
on: 18/10/2015 | 14:41
Hello @007mygiffgaff

Check to see if there are any network outages in the area you are in:

If the network is fine then try turning your phone off, waiting 5 mins and turn it back on,

If still no joy, try doing a manual roam to see if that helps

furthermore try turning air-plane/flight mode on and then back off.

If I helped click ''best answer and kudos'' thanks.
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by: carolinel
on: 18/10/2015 | 14:45
Hi, giffgaff can't compete with the major networks for internet speeds. Even o2 is faster than giffgaff
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by: dannyownz
on: 18/10/2015 | 14:52
Sometimes it takes some time to settle in, and for 4G make sure it's enabled from the settings
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by: davejybandit
on: 18/10/2015 | 14:56

I'm afraid giffgaff doesn't compare to EE at all for Internet speeds. If the coverage checker says everything if fine, then there is nothing you can do I'm afraid. Internet speed and lack of connection is probably the biggest complaint here in the forum.

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by: holymoly
on: 18/10/2015 | 20:36
giffgaff are owned by o2 but use giffgaff as a cash cow to pump its profits into the o2 bandwidth and give giffgaff the crumbs left over.
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by: rickvigorous
on: 18/10/2015 | 20:59

gg has a limited bandwith:  the more people use it, the slower it is for each individual user Smiley Sad

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by: aishaaa_x
on: 18/10/2015 | 21:29
Do you have a giffgaff 4G compatible phone? (iPhone 5 is not compatible with 4G giffgaff)
Try restarting your device to see if that will help connecting to 4G
Hope this helpsSmiley Happy
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by: 007mygiffgaff
on: 18/10/2015 | 23:36

Cheers everyone. 


The he issue is resolved now.


had to turn my phone off and on a few times and it fixed itself.


Kind Regards


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by: 007mygiffgaff
on: 18/10/2015 | 23:37

Cheers everyone. 


The issue is resolved now.


had to turn my phone off and on a few times and it fixed itself.


Kind Regards


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